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How a Digital Business Sign Can Improve Your Business Overall

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Forget that painted plywood that businesses used to use in the past when they were trying to grab the attention of customers. There are many other types of signs that are grabbing the attention of customers in our modern times, such as digital signs for businesses. Business signage, as you will find, is one of the most helpful ways to gain attention within your business that will keep customers coming back. It isn’t just the sign, but the overall personality of your business. There is something compelling about a business that uses outdoor LED signs instead of your typical wood.

The Importance of Outdoor Digital Signs for Businesses

Did you know that, according to statistics, 35% of people wouldn’t have discovered a business if it hadn’t been for the sign out front? Many people just pass on by businesses every day because they are lacking a sign altogether or the sign is so small and insignificant, or diff

Carbon Fiber Composite Properties and Uses

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The development of “graphite whiskers” in 1958 by Roger Bacon of Union Carbide’s Parma Technical Center (now GrafTech International) is considered to be a national historic chemical landmark by the American Chemical Society. Bacon’s work as a recent Ph.D. recipient, along with that of other researchers, was the basis for today’s carbon fiber composite technology.

Only one year following Bacon’s achievement, the earliest high-performance carbon fiber composite was developed in 1959, using a precursor of rayon. A composite is a fortified material that consists of more than one element. Today, nearly 90% of carbon fibers are manufactured by the use of PAN (polyacrylonitrile). The structure of carbon fiber, as well as it’s properties, gives insight as to its benefits.

1. Carbon Fiber Structure.

The American Chemical Society describes the structure of carbon fibers as a graphite polymer. In graphite, carbon atoms are organized into large sheets of six-sided rings resembli