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5 Ways to Obtain More Leads from Your Website

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While the past might have been tough on the housing market, it’s recovered quite nicely. In fact, statistics gathered from 2017 found that median home prices in the United States are $207,000 which is up nearly $30,000 from 2008 figures. Therefore, it’s important that real estate agents are able to obtain their share of this healthy housing market. Considering that, it’s important to utilize the power of the internet to obtain a portion of these leads. With that in mind, here are five tips for increasing online real estate leads that come from your website.

  1. Ensure Website Looks Great on Multiple Devices

    Statistics gathered from a recent study found that 96% of those surveyed felt that a website’s design was the main indicator of trust for a site. Unfortunately, websites that don’t load properly on certain devices can have visitors exiting out of your page in favor of a competitor. Therefore, it’s wise to ensure that your website looks great on both de

Donating Is Liberating — Find Out Why!

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“Spring cleaning” is a term used frequently around this time to talk about getting rid of old things to make room for new ones. However, wouldn’t you rather donate what you’re not using and make sure it finds a new home instead of just throwing it out with the rest of the trash?

Approximately 10 million tons of clothing ends up in landfills every year, while 5 billion pounds are donated to charities every year. This is a massive difference in number, considering that virtually every piece of clothing or textile within the home can be recycled, even if it isn’t in the best shape.

The average American throws away nearly 70 pounds of clothing, linens, and other textiles each year. Imagine what could happen when you choose to donate clothes instead. Currently, we only donate or recycle 15% of our used clothing. And where do those donations end up?

As previously mentioned, they won’t end up in the landfill with everything else, so you’re already helping the environment. And i