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Archive for October 21, 2011

Mobile Patch Management Software Selection

Written by admin. Posted in Computer inventory software, Mobile application management, Pc inventory

If you are looking for a terrific patch management software solution that can work well with modern smartphones in a corporate environment, there are plenty of excellent options that are designed for just this specific purpose. However, not all patch management software solutions are equally reliable or readily available, and not all of them are likely to be compatible with the smartphones your company plans to distribute. Once you know the exact make and model of smartphone that your company will be using, you can then start looking for the best patch management software that can help you keep any viruses, malware, or hacker attacks at bay.

The first thing you should do at this juncture is to search online for reviews of patch management software for the exact type of mobile device that you have in mind. See what others have had to say on the subject, and make sure that any patch management software that you seriously consider allows for the automatic application of any new patches and updates to come down the pike without any input at all from the individual users. This can help prevent human error from potentially compromising your network and data overall.

Once you have determined the best patch management software for your company needs, go ahead and download it as soon as possible. Make sure that each and every mobile device your company plans to distribute is communicating properly with this software prior to distributing any units to specific employees, and you should be well on your way to many sound nights of sleep thanks to a secure network. Be sure to keep an eye on the activities of your patch management software in general from time to time in order to make sure that everything is working as it should be, and your decision should prove to be an excellent one overall!

Purifying Stormwater Runoff

Written by admin. Posted in Catch basin filter, Storm drainage, Www.remfilters.com

If you are looking for easy and affordable ways to reduce the overall levels of pollution in your area, doing your part to reduce your household consumption to stormwater runoff contamination can prove to be a terrific way to do just that! Fortunately, helping to mitigate your personal contribution to the pollution of stormwater runoff is fairly simple and inexpensive to implement in many cases, so you should be able to get the ball rolling in no time. The first thing that you should be able to do right away in order to mitigate any personal contributions to stormwater runoff problems is to be particularly careful about letting oil, gasoline, or other automotive fluids leak onto the ground. When rainstorms wash these toxins down the municipal sewers, it can have a disastrous effect on parts of the local ecosystem.

Next, look for ways to prevent stormwater runoff from being polluted as the result of your roofing materials. If you own your own home, find filters that can be attached to the ends of your rain gutters for this purpose. These filters should be able to keep the tar, asphalt, and other unhealthy compounds used in roofing from seeping down into the groundwater, and into the stormwater runoff drains from there. Additionally, adding a similar filter to any drains you might have in a basement or garage area would help to mitigate these potential stormwater runoff pollution problem areas, as well.

Finally, making sure that you always dispose of your trash properly is another top way to help eliminate stormwater runoff pollution. Litter and the potentially harmful compounds and materials used in all sorts of commonly discarded things can wreak eco havoc as well, so it is important to make sure that any garbage that you have is placed in the nearest trash bin as soon as possible. Stick with these tips, and you should be well on your way to reducing your impact on stormwater runoff overall!