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Archive for June 11, 2013

How Office Cleaners Helped Save Me

Written by admin. Posted in Nyc carpet cleaning in brooklyn, Nyc office cleaning, Office cleaning brooklyn

Nyc carpet cleaning in brooklyn

You should let office cleaning companies help you out. Commercial cleaning services and commercial office cleaning services can, as I am sure you are expecting me to tell you, save you time and money, but think about it with me.

I started my business out of my dorm room back in college. We were a small text book rental service dedicated to local students in the county that actually blossomed as our web traffic built. We started offering more services, like articles and networks and class advice for the county. After graduation, I moved into my own office, but, like an idiot, I treated it like I had been treating my dorm room.

I felt guilty about losing some clients who came by the office, but I felt worse when people were turning down what I thought were pretty competitive salaries. I could not figure it out until my own mother visited and scolded me for having such a dirty office.

It was not like I was a pig (well, maybe a little) but the thing was was that I was overworked along with my employees and we all were too busy to clean up properly. As I tried to rationalize all this to my Mom, in her infinite wisdom, she rebutted by “Well, why not hire some office cleaning companies or something?”


The thought hit me like a ton of bricks. I could not believe that I had not thought of it before. Sure, I contemplated hiring a maid or something, but I did not have the time to sift through applications and hear heart warming stories and have to pick one. No. I could not handle that. But office cleaning companies? Simple, professional services? Now we were talking.

That very same night I had office cleaning companies coming through and helping me out. After paying their bill, I had a couple minutes of free time and actually did the math. This solution was cheaper than the combined costs of the labor it took to hire someone, with their wages and the labor it cost to train them, too. It saved me time, money, and the best part was, was that the next day, my interviewees each said yes when I offered them jobs.

In a way, office cleaning companies kind of saved my business.

So do you feel like googling “Nyc office cleaning” or “office cleaning companies” yet? If not, then at least just consider it. If any readers have experience with office cleaning companies, please share below!