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Quality Customer Care Isn’t Accidental Three Points to Keep in Mind

Written by admin. Posted in Increasing customer loyalty, Proactive customer care, Understanding your customers

How to create customer loyalty

Did you know that, in terms of brand perception, it takes 12 positive consumer reviews to make up for a single negative one? In case the implication isn’t clear: great customer service is infinitely important to your business.

Although companies often choose to focus on gaining new customers, they often underrate the value and importance of making sure existing customers have a positive experience that will keep them coming back. Creating customer loyalty is an ongoing effort that has to occur along multiple fronts. Here are three important tips on how to provide good customer care across the board.

1. You Need a Quick and Efficient System in Place

Customer service is no longer limited to a single inquiry lane in the store, or a phone line individuals can call. Now, it spans