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Access Control Systems Can Help Prevent Theft

Written by admin. Posted in Automated systems, Business surveillance system, Monitor sprinkler systems and pull stations

Managed access control system

One of the ways businesses and homeowners protect themselves from theft and other criminal and safety issues is with advanced access control systems. These systems can be as simple as requiring keycard access for employees or they can be elaborate systems that include video and other types of surveillance.

Controlled access systems can be an important part of home security. In 2013, there were more than $4.5 billion in losses from burglaries, and about three-fourths of the amount was from residential burglaries. Homes without some sort of access control system are much more vulnerable to burglaries. Something as simple as an alarm system can greatly reduce home burglaries, and research shows that simply advertising you have an alarm system will greatly reduce burglary attempts. In fact, more

The Reality of Daycare in Our Modern World

Written by admin. Posted in Childcare management system, Daycare computer software, Daycare management software

After school program software

In today’s modern world, daycare is a reality for most children. There are fewer than one in every three children that have a full time stay at home parent. The way our world works these days, both men and women are in the workplace and often need to be in order to keep up with their lives. Mortgages cost more, car payments are higher, and the cost of living has risen to the point when both father and mother are heading out the door in the morning, trying to get to work on time. When baby comes along, daycare becomes a very real necessity.

The family budget needs to expand to include another line item when a baby comes onboard. Typically, families will spend 7.8% of their monthly budgeted income on some form of daycare whether it be full time or part time. With roughly 32.7 million children in