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How to Work Outside Safely During the Summer Months

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With summer approaching, it’s tantamount that you start thinking about how the scorching weather can pose health risks — especially to construction workers. Since these workers spend all day working under the blazing sun, it’s essential to keep in mind some important safety tips and tricks that will get them safely through the summer months:

Stay hydrated
Water should be easily accessible at all times. In the heat, you should drink a glass of water every 15 minutes. Heat stroke is a very real possibility when working under such conditions, and water will give you the hydration you need to get through your day. Stay away from energy drinks or sugary sodas. Instead, lean towards electrolyte replacement beverages like Gatorade. And be sure that your drinks are cool in order to keep yo

Cannabis Consultants The Benefits of Medical Marijuana

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When a lot of people think of cannabis, they think of movies like Up in Smoke, The Big Lebowski, and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Characters and actors like Jay, Silent Bob, Seth Rogen, Cheech, and Chong all come to mind, and they’re all typically depicted as lazy or losers. That’s the pop culture opinion on marijuana and its users. All these movies, however, typically fail to mention (or bring any significant attention to) the myriad of medicinal uses for cannabis. Science is still learning all of the uses of medical marijuana; only about 6% of studies performed on cannabis include its medicinal properties.

What can medical cannabis help?

Despite the few studies performed so far, several uses have already been found. Some have been virtually proven to