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Archive for May 17, 2016

Your Unwanted Clothing Can Help Those in Need

Written by admin. Posted in Donate goods to charity, Donations for veterans, Purple heart clothes donation

Helping families in need

The Western world has been moving toward “going green” within the last couple of decades. Recycling has become more of a priority among today’s generations than it used to be. However, despite the environmentally-conscious shift in society, many still do not recycle all that they can. Most people think of bottles and cans as the main recyclable materials in a home, not thinking about the clothes they throw away. Every year, Americans send over 10 million tons of clothing to landfills. Only about 15% of used clothing gets recycled or donated, accounting for 5% of total municipal waste.
Why should I recycle or donate my clothes? When clothes are thrown away, they sit in a landfill. Because of this, more textiles have to be made, which creates more pollution and more waste. There ar

How to Save Money on Your Monthly Energy Bills

Written by admin. Posted in Alternative electricity companies, Green electricity, Maryland energy suppliers

Energy industry deregulation

Paying utility bills can be the bane of one’s existence. It’s unpredictable, repetitive and down right annoying all at the same time. Paying for one’s electricity is a necessity that has to happen, however. Living without it is really not an option in our society. While there are options like alternative electric companies and renewable energy companies, these are only available in certain areas. The deregulation of electricity markets is making these things a little more available but it will be awhile before alternative e