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Archive for May 19, 2016

Three Low Cost Ways to Advertise Your Small Business

Written by admin. Posted in Channel letters st louis, Commercial real estate signs, Sign manufacturers

Business window lettering

Reaching your potential customer base as a small business can be costly and time consuming. It is difficult to compete with the big budgets and innovative gimmicks of larger competitors and small business owners can feel as though they are losing the war for customer attention. There are ways to reach your desired audience without shelling out millions of dollars, though. Here are three easy ways to get your customer’s attention without breaking the bank.

Where’s your sign?
It might sound simple, but the reality is that your on-premise signage can result in new sales. Almost half of all new customers listed an on-premise sign as the factor that attracted them to a small business. If your current sign could do with a bit of updating, consider the fact that it will likely only cost you $0.