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Archive for May 24, 2016

Cannabis Consultants The Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Written by admin. Posted in Canna consulting group, Colorado marijuana business license, Medical marijuana marketing

Cannabis business resources

When a lot of people think of cannabis, they think of movies like Up in Smoke, The Big Lebowski, and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Characters and actors like Jay, Silent Bob, Seth Rogen, Cheech, and Chong all come to mind, and they’re all typically depicted as lazy or losers. That’s the pop culture opinion on marijuana and its users. All these movies, however, typically fail to mention (or bring any significant attention to) the myriad of medicinal uses for cannabis. Science is still learning all of the uses of medical marijuana; only about 6% of studies performed on cannabis include its medicinal properties.

What can medical cannabis help?

Despite the few studies performed so far, several uses have already been found. Some have been virtually proven to