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5 Tips for Buying a Commercial Dry Steam Cleaner

Written by admin. Posted in Commercial steamers, Dry ice blasting equipment, Industrial conveyor belt cleaner

Commercial steamers

There are a number of industries in the United States for whom cleanliness is not only desirable, it is a must. In the restaurant industry, businesses ignore this at their own peril. Contaminated foods and beverages sicken about one in six people in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Unsafe food has three causes. Contaminants can be chemical (pest control agents or cleaning products), biological (microorganisms such as bacteria) or physical (hair, dust or other substances). The good news is steam can kills up to 99% of bacteria and other germs. If you are looking to buy a commercial dry steam cleaner, there are some things you should consider.

  1. Know what a reasonable temperature for an industrial dry steamcleaner is. Some co

Mediation or Litigation Which Method is Best For Your Case

Written by admin. Posted in Commercial contract, Federal estate tax law, Judge stephen m. orlofsky

Judge paul cassell

For one reason or another, you may find yourself in court; whether it’s for a bankruptcy case, patent litigation, white collar offenses or intellectual properties suit, you may believe that proving your case in a formal court of law is your only option. Many people don’t realize that there are alternatives to traditional litigation: namely, arbitration and mediation.
There are a few main differences between arbitration and mediation, though they do share some attributes, like the use of an effective neutral mediator (or third party) to overlook the process. However