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Keys to Fire Safety Communication, Inspection, and Planning

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Commercial fire alarm monitoring

If you’re a property owner, there are probably a few things that keep you awake at night. Late rent could be one, empty units might be another, maybe even the prospect of impending winterization. But one thought above all else should occupy a significant portion of your daily mental RAM:

The safety of your tenants.

And on the list of things that could endanger your tenants’ safety, fire should be right at the top. Apartments and hotels account for the top two categories of high-rise fires. Fires in hotels and motels alone injure an estimated 150 people each year and result in an average of 15 deaths, not to mention over $75 million in lost and damaged property.

So what can be done?

Tenant Responsibility.
Are you worried about that burnt-dinner smell

Three Marketing Strategies for Building an Effective Online Presence

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New york web design and seo

You don’t have to have a doctorate in marketing to know that internet marketing is one of the most valuable ways to manage your reputation and reach your target market. While developing a strategy to create and manage your reputation online, having a great website is an important element, but should not be the beginning and end of your digital marketing plan.

The best strategy to manage your reputation online involves a cocktail of approaches, and ongoing work. To get you started, check out our list of strategies you need to incorporate into your online marketing plan to effectively build and manage your reputation on the interwebs:

Three Marketing St