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Two Types Of Building Permits You Should Know How To Apply For

Written by admin. Posted in City of chicago building permits, Residential building permit, Solar permit

Residential building permits

If you have ever renovated your home, your office or your business before you probably had to deal with a building permit or a residential building permit. On top of that, you had to wade through all the steps and processes to fight for your permit just to start your renovation or your addition to your home or business. Maybe you used a permit expeditor instead to help and offer permit expediting services. If you did, the process pro

Do You follow the Suggested Maintenance for Your Home’s HVAC System?

Written by admin. Posted in Cooling, Cooling repair, Lansing heating and air conditioning

Heating and cooling michigan

It was another weekend that emphasized the importance of furnace repair and maintenance. Although it is the time of graduation parties and swimming pool openings, the temperatures took a 48 hour unexpected turn and most outdoor activities were moved inside as the temperatures dropped into the lower 40s. Once again, you were thankful for your twice a year air conditioner and furnace repair and maintenance contracts. Even though you had the air conditioning on a few times already, you did not hesitate to switch gears and turn on the furnace because you knew that the furnace repair expert had just looked over the system
Like many home maintenance tasks, air conditioning and furnace repair is something that needs to be scheduled