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Archive for May 11, 2017

What Makes Perfect Binding A Great Choice?

Written by admin. Posted in Automatic wire o binding machine, Binding equipment, Coil binding machines

Wire binding machine

There are many choices when it comes to binding a book. Studies show that print engages readers 59 percent more than do online articles. Needless to say, you’ll want to ensure your book has the right binding choice for its intended audience.

A wire binding machine can create publications with holes and inserted wires. If you’ve seen a notebook, this is a great example of wire binding. Coil binding machines are another popular way to bind books. However, one binding method has become especially popular. In this post, you will learn more about perfect binding and its benefits.

A perfect binding machine begins with an application of glue to the spine of a book. This glue is t

Chomp on This The Importance of Deli Sign Holders and Display Stands

Written by admin. Posted in Metal sign stands, Suction cup sign holder

Metal sign holder stands

What sets strong brands apart from brands that are struggling to get and stay noticed? You might be surprised to know that it’s the details! When it comes to branding, sweating the small stuff is actually a good thing. Creating a strong, cohesive, and solid brand involves considering all aspects from the ground up, even or especially the small stuff. This is especially true for brick and mortar businesses, where the indoor, outdoor, and digital aesthetic all have to work together to support the brand.

For example, think of a business such as a deli. Even if a deli has a strong digital presence and a faithful following, it’s still important to continue that theme indoors. In addition deli signage such as posters,