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Use Strategic Planning to Increase Productivity

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Employee development program florida

The difference between a good employee and a great employee is often the soft skills. This includes their ability to communicate, understand the needs of others, dependability, having a positive attitude, being a good team player, being well organized, and being self-motivated. These are the skills that set some employees apart from the rest.

In a recent study, over eighty percent of all managers reported that work ethic and attitude were the two most important characteristic they looked for in a new employee. Likewise the attitude and soft skills of a manager can make or break a company. Employees will leave a perfectly good and well-paying job if they do not like their direct supervisor.

What does all this have to do with strategic planning? Employee turnover is one of the bi

A Guide to Choosing Between Arbitration and Litigation

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Fiduciary responsibility

The Difference Between Arbitration and Litigation

When it comes to disputes, many business owners and individuals must choose between arbitration and litigation. Arbitration occurs outside of the court system, when an arbitrator makes a decision, which the parties are bound by. Litigation, on the other hand, is known as the action brought in court to enforce a particular decision. In other words, arbitration allows disputes to be settled outside of court, while litigation requires that both parties take their dispute to court.

The Pros and Cons of Arbitration and Litigation

Intellectual property
law, for example, protects the