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How Fire Alarm Inspections Save Lives

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Fire alarm inspection

We grow up learning about the many different ways to be safe. Look both ways when crossing the street. Don’t run with scissors. Don’t touch the stove. The list goes on and on. Many are simply common sense. Others are the result of the way our society and way of life have evolved over time. Just a few decades ago, most people didn’t know what cyber security was. Faster transportation calls for heightened senses behind the wheel. There is always something to watch out for or take precautions on.

One thing that we humans have always had to watch out for is fire. We fight wildfires that chased our ancestors to new lands. We attempt to wield it and must respect it for the power that it is, knowing that without control over it, we put ourselves in peril, just as those who first discovered it had to

Learn Why Home Health Business Insurance is Essential

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Home healthcare insurance

If you are a home health care worker or a home health care provider, you know how important it is to have adequate home health business insurance. A serious injury on the job can cost thousands in medical expenses and Workers Compensation. Having proper insurance including both home care liability insurance and home health care workers compensation insurance is essential.

While workers compensation and liability are essential, there are actually five different types of insurance a home health care company should carry to protect themselves and their workers. There is general and professional liability insurance, non-owned automobile liability insurance, comme