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6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Freight Management System

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Ltl tms

Every day, trucks and trains carry increasingly large amounts of freight around the country. This is only expected to rise in the coming years. The value of all of this freight is also going up. By 2040, it is expected to reach $1,377 per ton, up from $82 in 2007, according to the United States Department of Transportation. If you work in a field where freight management is something you care about, there are ways to make your system run more smoothly.

  1. Get the right transportation management software. Using the right software is critical to most industries today. Freight management software is a crucial part of any company’s freight system. Using the right package in the way it was designed to be u

Products, Promotions, and Everything In Between

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Portable sign stands

In the United States, the average person has to handle so many advertisements and marketing messages every single day. This is because the United States is built on a system that needs citizens to be consumers and they need them to make purchases. However, it can be incredibly difficult for small businesses to compete with larger corporations that have a higher budget for advertisements and marketing products.

Right now, consumers in the United States are exposed to nearly 3,000 advertisements and promotional messages every single day. These ads and messages may come across on the television, the radio, or even the internet. Plus, now social media is a big deal and that is a strong way for a business to get their messages out.

There is no question that the utilization of price tag holders is a