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Water Pollution Steps to Reduce It

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There are many issues with ground water in America. And then there is the larger issue of water pollution around the globe. All told, Americans are becoming more aware of the effects of trash on the Earth’s water sources. These trash effects can come from numerous sources, as people throw away different kinds of trash each day.

There are many statistics surrounding ground water and fresh water in America. Some of these statistics cover the problems with waste water, while some cover the problem of industrial waste being dumped into water bodies. All are significant to the on-going discussions of water quality in the United States. They are in the following section.

  • Primary and secondary waste treatments remove about 85% to 95% of pollutants from the wastewater before the treated wastewater is disinfecte

Why Would a Company Outsource It’s Customer Training?

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Call center outsourcing companies

The company American Express conducted a survey, and discovered a surprising fact: about 78% of those surveyed admitted to having aborted a transaction due to terrible customer service. This is alarming news for any business. Customer service is a vital part of a company, as it is often the only true measure a customer measures one company against a similar one. If customer service can make or break a transaction, the question must be asked: is outsourcing training a good choice?

Here’s Why Choosing to Outsource Customer Service Training May Be the Best Bet For a Business.

There are a few reasons why a company may choose outsourcing, to bring in someone from the outside t