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Is Your Parking Lot Affecting your Business Success?

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Small business owners with storefronts are often very diligent about the cleanliness of their store. An unclean store can bring about negative customer reviews and can prevent new customers from trying the business out. While it is important to make your storefront cleanliness a priority, the exterior is just as important. Not enough business or property owners put sufficient resources into the exterior?s cleanliness. A clean exterior, in addition to a clean interior, can provide a business with the following advantages.

An increase in customer reputation
Customer reputation is more important than ever before. Previous and current customers can easily leave their feedback on a business on the internet. Customers that are looking for a business to meet their needs often

The State of Our Waterways

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A lot of people are concerned about the state of America?s surface water and water tables. Civil engineering is all about maintaining and protecting those water sources, with the assistance of entities like environmental consulting agencies and aerial surveying companies. All these, and more, work together to protect and improve our water.

Why Does it Need Watching?

A lot of things are happening with our water. Every year, we dig about 500,000 new residential wells. These connect the water supplies, but they also involve 18,460 drilling machines and 8,085 groundwater contracting firms. That?s a lot of potential for mi