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Freight Brokers Important in the Transportation of Goods

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Tl shipments

Sellers have always had to have ways to get goods to their buyers, but that need has increased in recent years with the huge rise in e-commerce. More than $420 billion is spent on e-commerce yearly, and that number is steadily rising. That means increased demand for the transportation companies that carry those goods and their more than 12 million vessels. Rather than the traditional model of transporting goods to warehouses that are then sent to stores, the model is evolving to one where those items go straight from the warehouse or distribution center to the customers’ homes. That likely means even more trucks on the road, which requires even more efficient systems to manage the traffic.

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Spring Cleaning Is Coming! Remember to Donate Your Clothing!

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Household donations

Winter may be here for a bit longer, but spring is around the corner! We love spring for the colors and weather that it brings, but also because for many of us it is a jumpstart for spring cleaning. Nothing feels better than purging from cabinets and closets to make a more organized and clean home. To add an element of kindness and community to this years spring cleaning, consider donating your used clothing and home goods to a local organization that accepts charitable donations. Below are just a few examples of the people you’ll be helping:

Children - At most charity organizations you will find some type of childrens section that has everything from books and toys to clo