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Archive for June, 2018

Four Reasons You Need to Give

Written by admin. Posted in Charitable clothing donations, Donations that pick up at home, Purple heart donation pick up

In the year 2006, used-clothing purchases kept 2.5 billion pounds of fabrics and textiles out of our landfills. Yet still, the average American is buying twice as many articles of clothing each year than we did two decades ago. Textiles currently account for 5% of all municipal waste, and only 15% of all those home fabrics and clothes that we throw away will ever be recycled. In fact, we’re throwing away a whopping 70 pounds of clothes and textiles per year, each. We can do better, and with so many children in need of clothing, we have to do better.

  • We need to be more careful of our environment. There are children in need of clothing across the world, not to mention in need of food and basic medical and educational services, and we are doing needy children more than one disservice when we treat the Earth as if it means nothing what we do with it. When we Continue Reading No Comments

4 Ways to Improve Your Store’s Aesthetic

Written by admin. Posted in Poster table stand, Stanchions, Warehouse label holders

If you own or manage a retail location, you know the importance of quality customer service and believing in your product. There are, however, other things you can do to improve the way your store looks or how you are able to give information to your customers. These creative retail display ideas can help boost the perception of your store by customers and can increase sales. Here are 5 items you can utilize or display in your store to improve its aesthetic and sales potential!

1. Flashy Signage

Studies have shown that merchandise that has a sign associated with it can outsell merchandise without a sign by 20%. By using interesting items such as a wall mo