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Archive for October 16, 2018

I Want To Spread Some Holiday Cheer What Are Some Good Donation Ideas For 2018?

Written by admin. Posted in Charitable donations, Donations that pick up at home, Used clothing donations

Helping families in need is a great way to usher in the holiday spirit.

While you’re gathering up gift ideas for friends and planning out the big family dinner, consider adding another happy note to your to-do list: charity clothing donations! Spreading a little cheer is easy to do when you have a few worn-out or ill-fitting clothes in your closet. A single visit to a clothing drop-off location will give local charities extra stock to put on the rack, provide the economy with useful materials, and free up your home for all the new goodies coming in. Never donated a box or bag to a clothing donation center?

Here are five easy tips to start helping families in need before the snow touches the ground.

Brush Up On Your Eco-Friendly Habits

Do you like to recycle newspaper or donate unwanted furniture once in a while? Helping families in need will be yet another benefit added to your eco-friendly resume. Americans send a staggering 10 million