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Archive for March 31, 2019

Are You Considering a Job in the Engineering Field?

Written by admin. Posted in Aog aircraft parts, Expand pt plus, Silicone rubber fiberglass sleeving

The latest cancellation of a space walk because there were not any medium or small space suits available emphasizes the importance of paying attention to details. The spacewalk that was scheduled to be part of a month celebrating the achievements of women was squashed when the crew realized that the only space suits that were available were in larger mens sizes.
Realizing that even the engineers at NASA can make such a grand mistake means that it is never a waste to pay attention to even the smallest of details. Knowing, for instance, that the latest parts you have developed will arrive in a better condition if they are packaged in a self-wrapping sleeve is one example of the kind of attention to details that can make a company successful.
Engineers Find Success by Paying Attention to the Smallest of Details
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