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Understanding Intellectual Property and How it Applies to You

Written by admin. Posted in Complex civil litigation, Family court, Mediator

Do you design art, write books, create symbols, or produce anything else along these lines? Then your rights to your intellectual property is something you need to be aware of. If you have something valuable that you want to hold on to and claim as your own, then you must take some legal action.

Learn more about intellectual property laws now.

Different Kinds of Intellectual Property

There are numerous ways to claim your rights to a piece that you created. A copyright is one example, and it basically indicates that the creator has sole rights to the thing that they produced. A patent is similar to a copyright, but used more with inventions. Once a patent is issued, the owner of the invention has the right to decide who uses it and when.

A trademark is similar to a company’s logo, in that it distinguish one set of goods from a set of goods that is similar. Other types of intellectual property exist, but these three are the main forms we typically hear about in today’

The Art Of The Notebook Exploring Note Taking And How It Supports The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Best

Written by admin. Posted in Laboratory, Notebook, Scientific lab notebook

How often do you take notes in your day-to-day life?

Are you the type of person who fares best with a little extra support from a notepad or do you trust your memory to fill in the gap? When you work in the pharmaceutical or research industry, you can’t afford to make mistakes. The function of a laboratory notebook is to ensure no detail is left behind. It’s designed to encourage your creative side, even as it boils down to hard facts and observation. The new year is in full swing, so consider reading below and learning more about how to bring the best to your industry.

It’s all in the little things.

How are we faring in many of its major medical and scientific industries? Let’s take a look at some recent statistics and find out. According to one survey the United States holds an impressive 45% of the global pharmaceutical market. Job growth for pharmacists, unsurprisingly, is on the rise. It’s