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Beyond Cash How Your Clothing Donations Can Make a World of Difference

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Veterans donations

When you think of donations, you probably think about cash, but the unwanted items in your closet can be just as valuable for charities. Charity clothing donations are used to fund programs for charities for wounded soldiers and for the blind. Services like charity clothing pick up are making it easier, too. Donating is not only a good deed, it is also good for the environment and a savvy tax saver too.

In fact, if you donate to groups granted tax-exempt status under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code you can reduce your tax bill. You can write off as much as $60 for a man?s suit or overcoat, for example, or between $4 and $15 for a donated coffee machine. You do need

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Written by admin. Posted in Charities for wounded soldiers, Clothes donations, Donate items to charity

Charitable donation

How often do you donate or recycle your used clothing? In the United States, it’s been found that only 15% of Americans make used clothing donations. Furthermore, when you consider that on average, Americans purchase at least two-times the amount of new clothes as they did 20 years ago, there is an increased need for making local clothing donations to reputable charities.

While the reasons for not making charitable clothing donations aren’t totally clear, wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in this country made the effort to donate their used items to charities? When making clothing and household item donation, reputable charities such as The