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Hiring a Street Sweeper is the Best Way to Keep It Clean

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Parking lot sweeping

If you own a business that has a parking lot, or maybe your business is simply owning the parking lot and leasing it to other businesses, you most likely already know that it is your responsibility to keep it clean.

You also probably already know that it is no easy task to keep those parking lots clean on a regular basis. Going out with a broom from time to time is not going to get the job done. Microscopic debris that can eventually become very dangerous if left unattended is hardly managed with a push broom or leaf blower.

Recent studies have shown that parking space in America can come at a yearly cost of anywhere between $6 and $23 in environmental and health damages to society caused simply by the air pollution it produces. The most effective and efficient way to manage such a cho

Three Reasons Why Having Sweeper Trucks Regularly Clean a Commercial Area is Important

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Dc commercial sweeping

Sweeper trucks are crucial in ensuring that a commercial area is properly maintained by keeping it as clean and free of debris as possible. Although a typical street sweeper focuses on keeping streets well-maintained, this is not their only job, and they can be useful to have in many other cases, such as commercial parking lots for offices, or retail areas that face a lot of high traffic, such as a shopping mall. Street sweeper trucks provide these and other services as often as a company needs them. That could be only a few times a year, to a weekly, or even daily basis. Read on to find out the benefits of having a street sweeping service.

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