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Monitoring the Quality of Your Water

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While we might not consider it, clean water is an incredible thing to have. Modern-day technology has allowed for us to properly purify our water to the point where it is safe to drink and safe for technological,.medical, and commercial needs. However, while we can better treat water to turn it into clean water, dirty, unpurified water still manages to run without ceasing.

It is said that unsafe, unpurified water accounts for over 3% of all deaths worldwide each year. Research has also shown that the 44% of stream miles, 64% of lake acres, and 30% of bay square miles assessed by testers were noted to be unclean and not suitable for activities such as swimming and fishing. Furthermore, more than 2 million tons of sewage is dumped into the world’s water systems every day.

Pollution on this scale, of which leads towards ecological degradation and a decline in human health, makes for a sad state of affairs. While we, as a global community, should continue to petition and rally

Using Fresh Water Test Kits at Home for Water Quality Assessment

Written by admin. Posted in Water conductivity and resistivity, Water quality analysis, Water quality analysis methods

Water quality analysis

As a homeowner and an integral part of a family, one of your prime responsibilities would be to make sure that every member of your family remains in good health. Like a lot of important things in life, there are many essential ingredients of achieving good health. While some of them involve maintaining healthy habits, eating healthy food, and getting the requisite amount of exercise, others involve being in control of external factors which can play an important role in deciding overall health status. One of the most important aspects in this regard is the quality of water that you use and consume. Having a reliable water supply at home is not enough. You also need that water supply to furnish you with water that can be considered clean and sanitary.

The water that you receive at home is most