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5 Items That Many People Forget Charities Need

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Wounded veterans charities

One of the most popular items that people donate to charity is clothing. Statistics show that the average person in the United States purchases twice as many articles of clothing as two decades ago. In fact, you might have heard to donate clothes to a charity that you haven’t worn in six months. While shirt, pant, and dress donations are immensely important to a charity, you might be surprised to find that these organizations could benefit from receiving other types of items. Considering that, here are five items to consider giving away while preparing Purple Heart charity pick up donations.

  • New Socks

    Statistics show that people

The Top Five Reasons You Should Donate Clothes Before 2018 Arrives

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Purple heart donation pick up

Do you want to donate clothes? You’re making the most important first step to helping out your community, your environment and your country’s economic future.

That sounds like a pretty tall order for some worn-out jeans you no longer wear, but the fact of the matter is that charitable clothing donations go a very long way. Textile waste is one of the most widespread and rampant drains on the planet as we know it, with Americans alone sending an average of 10 million tons of clothing to landfills every single year. When most of this can be easily repurp