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5 Items That Many People Forget Charities Need

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Wounded veterans charities

One of the most popular items that people donate to charity is clothing. Statistics show that the average person in the United States purchases twice as many articles of clothing as two decades ago. In fact, you might have heard to donate clothes to a charity that you haven’t worn in six months. While shirt, pant, and dress donations are immensely important to a charity, you might be surprised to find that these organizations could benefit from receiving other types of items. Considering that, here are five items to consider giving away while preparing Purple Heart charity pick up donations.

  • New Socks

    Statistics show that people

Green Eco Friendly Signs Carry Many Messages

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Buy custom signs

Signs, banners, and display boards continue to fulfill the same functions they have always had: to inform, influence, educate, and entertain. However, the technology behind them has changed almost unrecognizably. Laser and wide format printing, eco-friendly printing inks and recyclable film and poster board have all made eco-friendly printing accessible. For all kinds of signs from backlit film to construction site signs, sustainability is the new norm.

Multi-functional signs
Signs are multi-functional objects. Their primary function may be to convey information about the location and purpose of a store, an office or a school. But they convey a number of other messages as well. Business signs also double as advertising, bringing in new customers. Almost half of the customers w