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3 Reasons to Call a Sprinkler Repair Company

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If you manage a hotel, it’s important to keep customers and employees properly protected. While you likely employ security measures throughout your facilities, it’s important to remain aware of your fire sprinklers. Hotels have sprinklers located in guests rooms, hallways, and other areas. Statistics show that fires in hotels and motels fires cause nearly 15 deaths annually. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that fire sprinklers remain in optimal condition. Considering that, here are three reasons to contact a service offering fire sprinkler repairs.

  • Sprinklers Receive Direct Damage

    Statistics show that hotel and motel fires result in an estimated $76 million in regards to property loss. You can minimize these costs by ensuring you contact fire sprinkler services if these devices become damaged. This type of damage can occur from ladders, large pieces

Can Water Resistivity Monitoring Be Beneficial In Establishing Pure Water?

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Applications that require purified water could benefit from using a water resistivity monitor. The measure of the the water’s ability to resist an electrical current is actually a vital method for determining the purity of a sample of water. A resistivity monitor test will provide a detailed water analysis report on the water to be used in delicate operations that absolutely require highly purified water.

Analysis of Water Quality Parameters.

All reports for water quality analysis will include the following key components, which are a list of contaminants and their concentrations. If an especially dangerous concentration of a contaminant is found most reports will highlight that as well. It is recommended that past water quality reports are kept on file so that baseline levels can be established an