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Are You Looking for a Way to Introduce a Basic Engineering Principle?

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Prototype pcb assembly

The schedule is set. The lunch is ordered. The gift bags are ready. The simple printed circuit board activity was organized.
When your husband reluctantly attended the screening of a new documentary about STEM education opportunities for girls of poverty and color last December he did not anticipate the impact this presentation would have. After watching the 20 minute video and after listening to several students, parents, and leaders talk, though, your husband was full of questions.
Would this group want to visit the data center where he works?
Have the girls every seen a data storage center and did they understand its purpose?
When the STEM group made their visits in the summer, what did they most want to see or do?
Fast forward six months and your husband has worked with the entir

Are You Looking for Local Gearbox Repair Specialists?

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Gearbox repair cost

With 90% recycled content, steel is the most recycled material on the planet. In a time when many people are concerned about the sustainability of the materials that both individuals and large corporations use, it should come as no surprise that an entire industry is built around the reuse and rebuilding of many products, including gearbox repair and renewal.
Economic reports from the last five years further support the fact that the steel industry is a large contributor in the American world of finance and investment. For instance, in the year 2010 alone the U.S. exported industrial machines to the value of $42.7 billion. Two years later, machinery manufacturing shipments totaled $407.4 billion, an amount that is equivalent to 7.1% of all manufacturing shipments in 2012.
The supporting industries