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4 Benefits of Working With a PCB Assembler

Written by admin. Posted in Prototype pcbs, Quick turn pcb prototypes

Circuit board prototyping

Printed circuit boards are used in many different industries. Over the past 30 years, printed circuit boards have been used in traffic lights throughout North America. An important part of any prototype is securing the right type of printed circuit board. It is estimated that the global market surrounding printed circuits boards will reach nearly $72.6 billion by the year 2022. Many business owners outsource prototype printed circuit board creation. Here are four benefits of outsourcing prototype PCB assembly.

  1. Saving an Immense Amount of Space

    Many businesses have to make use of limited space. If your business produces products, you know how fast warehouses are filled. It takes equipment to create a Continue Reading No Comments

Marketing Your School with Digital School Signs

Written by admin. Posted in Digital led sign boards, Electronic marquee signs for schools, Electronic signs for business

School electronic signs

Regardless of the business, organization, or school you are operating, signage is vitally important to your success and how people view your location. Outside signage needs to be visible, eye-catching,clear, and easy to read.

The first thing to consider is where the sign will be most visible to the road. You want people driving by to be able to see your sign and know where you are located. This means have the sign facing the direction that will enable it to be sign from cars driving in either direction. You also need to make sure the sign is not obstructed by trees or bushes in anyway.

The sign needs to be well maintained. Painted letters tat are faded or peeling are not easy to read, and light up signs that are partially burned out leave drivers wondering what it should have said. Even if