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Are TMS with Load Board Integration a Smart Business Move?

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Types of load boards

The transportation network consists of nearly 12 million trucks, locomotives, rail cars, and other vessels to move goods from place to place. When people think of shipping goods across the states, they usually don’t think about how their packages will get to them, unless the process is delayed in some way. But for those who work in transportation, finding jobs can require some assistance. A transportation management system (TMS) helps companies with their resource planning however, as specific addition can be incredibly helpful. This is why TMS with load board integration is so attractive.

Why TMS With Load Board Integration Is the Future of Transportation.

To simplify, TMS with load board integration allows drivers to find jobs. The term “load board” refers to the forum boards that allow

Five Tips to Find Qualified Employees During Low Unemployment Times

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Job placement agencies

Do you find it difficult to staff your business with reliable and hard working employees? As soon as the unemployment rate declines, it can be harder to get trusted employees. These tips will help you improve your hiring practices and find employees in places you have not yet thought to look.

Extend the hiring process
Extending the hiring process can give you more time to find qualified candidates. It can also give you a better opportunity to get to know the possible candidates, eventually leading to lower retention rates. Approximately 46% of human resource professionals say retention is their greatest concern, followed by employee engagement at 36%. Extending the hiring process can get you employees that better meet your business needs and are a better fit for the s