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Spring Cleaning Is Coming! Remember to Donate Your Clothing!

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Household donations

Winter may be here for a bit longer, but spring is around the corner! We love spring for the colors and weather that it brings, but also because for many of us it is a jumpstart for spring cleaning. Nothing feels better than purging from cabinets and closets to make a more organized and clean home. To add an element of kindness and community to this years spring cleaning, consider donating your used clothing and home goods to a local organization that accepts charitable donations. Below are just a few examples of the people you’ll be helping:

Children - At most charity organizations you will find some type of childrens section that has everything from books and toys to clo

Are Document Shredding Services Really Important? They Are If You Want To Avoid Identity Theft

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Document destruction services

You always put your business in the right hands.

How do you achieve this? Relying on smart B2B strategies, for one. Urging your employees to practice safe habits every day, for another. Your brand is worth quite a bit of money and something you don’t need to put at unnecessary risk…so why would you potentially have your private information fall in the wrong hands? On site shredding is a service that’s more than just another box to check off for your business. It’s a tried-and-true method of disposing of your sensitive documents and ensuring your information is never used against you.

Let’s make sure 2018 isn’t t