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5 Tips for Buying a Commercial Dry Steam Cleaner

Written by admin. Posted in Commercial steamers, Dry ice blasting equipment, Industrial conveyor belt cleaner

Commercial steamers

There are a number of industries in the United States for whom cleanliness is not only desirable, it is a must. In the restaurant industry, businesses ignore this at their own peril. Contaminated foods and beverages sicken about one in six people in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Unsafe food has three causes. Contaminants can be chemical (pest control agents or cleaning products), biological (microorganisms such as bacteria) or physical (hair, dust or other substances). The good news is steam can kills up to 99% of bacteria and other germs. If you are looking to buy a commercial dry steam cleaner, there are some things you should consider.

  1. Know what a reasonable temperature for an industrial dry steamcleaner is. Some companies greatly exaggerate the temperature their steam cleaning systems can achieve. Regardless of how great or innovative their technology is, it still has to adhere to the basic laws of thermodynamics. The pressure and the temperature inside a boiler are related. You can measure the temperature and pressure with a steam table. For drier steam, you want a higher temperature and pressure inside the boiler.
  2. Understand the tip temperature. When the steam is released from the boiler, its temperature will drop. It does not matter what kind of commercial dry steam cleaner you have, this is just physics. This is an important point because this is the steam that will do the work to clean your surfaces or other materials. The temperature of the steam at the tip is the important temperature reading. This will be lower than the temperature inside the boiler and the average for most commercial dry steam cleaners is about 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees celsius). Some commercial dry steam cleaner manufacturers boast tip temperatures upwards of 320 degrees Fahrenheit (160 degrees celsius).
  3. Ask about the steam capacity of the commercial dry steam cleaner. This is how much steam is produced by the commercial dry steam cleaner. Typically this is measured in pounds per hour. You should ask any manufacturers of industrial steam cleaners the following questions:
    • What is the steam capacity of each commercial dry steam cleaner that you sell?
    • Can the units sustain the dry steam for the entire time that is needed? This may be for an entire shift for some businesses and other may only use industrial steamers for brief periods of time.
    • How variable is the commercial dry steam cleaner? What are the different settings?
    • How does the operator change the settings? Does the unit require “down time” between each setting?
  4. You need to look at all attachments. When looking at commercial dry steam cleaners, people often do not think about the attachments and the hoses that they will have to use to do what they need to do. While people often forget to ask about these, getting the right commercial dry steam cleaner is very much dependent on the hoses and other attachments. Make sure you ask the commercial dry steam cleaner manufacturer the following:
    • What kind of materials are used for the hoses and steam guns? You need to make sure that they are made from materials that are strong enough to endure the temperature of the steam. Can they withstand the pressure?
    • Can the hoses and other attachments withstand that heat and pressure for the length of time that they will need to?
    • Are the hoses and other attachments easy to use? Are they easy to swap out? You will most likely need to use a variety of different kinds of hoses and guns so you need to be able to swap them out as often as required by the tasks at hand.
    • Does the warranty cover the hoses and other attachments?
  5. Ask about how the unit will be serviced. Everything with moving parts can break down. Ask the manufacturer what you should do if the commercial dry steam cleaner needs maintenance or a new part. Where can you get the unit serviced if it needs it?

In some industries, cleanliness is not all that important. For others, it can make all the difference. Dry steam is great for killing a host of germs and cleaning a number of materials and surfaces.




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